The V-League was established in 2004 by Sports Vision Management Group, Inc. initially as an inter-collegiate women's league with teams from the UAAP and NCAA. Prior to the league's establishment, volleyball had been in a state of stagnation since 1990s with the highest level of volleyball being the women's tournament of the Metro Manila-based UAAP.

The V-League welcomed the participation of corporate and non-collegiate teams starting in 2011. The V-League changed its name to the Premier Volleyball League (PVL) starting the 2017 season. The V-League ran from 2004 to 2016 and gave continuity to women’s and men’s volleyball. It kept the sport alive and helped fan its popularity today.

In November 2020, the PVL announced that the league would turn professional starting with the 2021 season. A separate league, called the V-League, is now revived to accommodate collegiate and amateur teams, which could no longer participate in the PVL due to the league's professionalization.

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