September 26, 2023

Mental toughness keys FEU's semis triumph, bares Ubaldo

"Chasing History -- 30"

That is what the shirt of the Far Eastern University women's volleyball team usually bears before or after a game, signifying its aim to secure its league-leading 30th UAAP title.

One crucial step toward achieving this goal is to possess the determination and hunger necessary to win every point and rally, thereby securing sets and eventually matches. This was something they sorely lacked in their semi-final Game 1 defeat against Perpetual.

"After that loss, we were all left speechless in the dugout, especially during the bus ride back to our dorms. The following day, during training, we all wore our game faces and spiked the ball with intensity," reminisced former captain Tin Ubaldo.

"Perhaps we just wanted to rekindle that mindset and reinforce our mental toughness. With a clear mind, your body naturally follows suit and performs at its best. So, the coaches always urge us to strive for victory and reignite the fire and hunger in our hearts."

Reaching the championship is a significant milestone for this group of Lady Tamaraws, given their recent disappointing seasons in the UAAP.

For Ubaldo and the rest of the squad, now is the ideal moment to bring the title back to Morayta, taking another step toward their ultimate goal.

"Winning the V-League would be a tremendous boost for us. We often have doubts and hesitations about our team's capabilities. If we secure this title, our morale will soar, reminding us that we can achieve greatness," concluded the playmaker.