September 28, 2023

V-League bronze marks start of new leaf for UE

A new era is dawning in the East, as the current batch of the University of the East women's volleyball team strives to achieve their goals. 

What better way to usher in this new era than by securing a first-ever medal in the V-League Collegiate Challenge?

"This would truly be a significant confidence boost for us, considering that we have only been together as a team for nearly three months. It will motivate us to perform well and work harder, given that we accomplished this in such a short period," shared Lady Warriors' captain Kizzie Madriaga.

"However, this doesn't mean that we will become overly self-assured. Instead, we will use this milestone as motivation to aim for even greater achievements, now that we are aware of the high level of competition we will face. So, we will use this as motivation to push ourselves even further," added the up-and-coming playmaker.

With this bronze-medal finish, Madriaga and the rest of the squad recognize that expectations have grown significantly, especially as UE is hosting the UAAP. Nevertheless, like true champions, these young athletes will work diligently to position themselves in a way that makes their university proud.

"They expect us to be among the top four, and we are using that expectation as motivation, knowing that we are capable. We have ample time ahead, and we are not fixated on the months remaining before the season. Instead, we are taking each day as an opportunity to work hard, as there is still plenty of time for us to prepare for the UAAP," Madriaga concluded.